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As an integral part of EPC, procurement should work an important role to succeed the completion of project implementation within its objectives. Generally Procurement Objective is to procure the material/equipment and/or services from reliable Vendor at proper quantity complying with the specification, meet project schedule, terms and conditions of Contractor's.

The objectives of procurement are:

  1. Develop procurement procedures dedicated to the project.
  2. Comply with project Safety, Health and Environment policy.
  3. Develop purchasing schedule based on Project Master Schedule and highlighting critical equipment and material for early purchase activities.
  4. Compliance with applicable company and government requirement and Contractor's inquiry documents and material specifications shall conform to these requirements.
  5. Tight coordination with engineering to ensure correct selection of Vendor.
  6. Procure brand new products from selected reliable and experienced Vendors.
  7. Minimize overall project risk throughout.
  8. Verify Vendor's financial stability, shop capability, shop load capacity, etc.
  9. Expediting of technical data(s) and drawings and others clarifications of both technical and commercial nature. In particular procurement also performs the evaluation and manufacture progress to keep on time delivery.
  10. Coordinate the timing of Inspection between Vendor and QC inspectors group.
  11. Timely deliver and arrange the shipping for purchased equipment to the job-site and distribute to Construction.
  12. Maximize zero OSDN (overage, shortage, damage and non-conformance)

The materials/equipments will be categorized by commodities such of the following:

  • package equipment
  • rotating equipment
  • static equipment
  • electrical equipment/material
  • control system equipment/material
  • process equipment
  • piping material
  • plant services equipment/material
  • civil material
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